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International Relation Department

Administration of International relations (AIR)

The main directions of the work of the AIR are the development of international cooperation and the development of international education, taking into account the priorities of the internationalization strategy of Tajik international university of foreign languages named after S. Ulughzoda (TIUFL named after S. Ulughzoda)

Development of international education:

- organization of admission and training of foreign citizens at TIUFL named after S. Ulughzoda;

- providing assistance to foreign students of TIUFL named after S. Ulughzoda in their adaptation to the conditions of learning and socialization;

- internationalization of student life, support for events held by students.

Development of international cooperation:

- development of scientific and educational cooperation at TIUFL named after S. Ulughzoda with foreign and Tajik universities, research centers, foundations, etc.;

- organizing an academic mobility program for students, staff and teachers of TIUFL named after S. Ulughzoda;

- reception and support of official foreign delegations, as well as individual invited scientists and specialists;

- organizational assistance during conducting international events at TIUFL named after S. Ulughzoda;

- development and support of project activities of departments of TIUFL named after S. Ulughzoda, within the framework of international scientific and educational grants;

- monitoring and analysis of international activities of TIUFL named after S. Ulughzoda, and its divisions.